Pope's College – Sawyerpuram – Thoothukudi,

National Assessment and Accreditation Council



Change and adoption are two concepts of higher learning. Recently education methodology has changed to a significant extent that there is more talk on a blended mode of teaching complementing classroom teaching. Through students are aware of the modern sources of learning from various means to be guide them to be different and support them to acquire adequate knowledge and wisdom and to make them agents of change, the blended mode of teaching will continuously help them. In this regard a college website may offer more   information to all the stake holders for review and improvement.   Also it will help to keep a personal connection with them. I am happy to note that the staff members are working very hard, at providing support and guidance to the students through all the means available at their disposal. Keeping this in mind the college website committee has thoroughly revised the website for prompt and better communication. I appreciate them for their commitment towards this cause. I hope the website will unravel the legacy the institution is carrying forward for the rural students. May our Lord God bless us all.

Mr.D.Neeger Prince Giftson M.B.A

Lay Secretary, Thoothukudi Nazareth Diocese

Secretary, Popes College