Ethics in Research

College gives importance to follow ethical guidelines established by the college and along with UGC ( and manonmaniam Sundaranar University in carrying out the research. Plagiarism check is an important requirement for all research works

  1. The research thesis dissertation and publications must be tested for plagiarism before submitting it to the University / College.
  2. The thesis/dissertation shall be accepted if the percentage of plagiarism is less than 25%
  3. The plagiarism software is available in the college library to check the research article proposal and project reports.
  4. Compulsorily URKUND software or other accepted software  should be followed to check Plagiarism and permissible range up to 25% for Results and Discussion part of the Thesis for the Science Subjects and Analysis and conclusion part for the Arts subjects 
  5. The college encourages research departments to conduct workshops in research methodology where ethics is an integral part. 
  6. Each student shall be instructed to furnish an undertaking indicating that the thesis is their original work and free of any plagiarism and  shall submit a certificate regarding Plagiarism Check
  7. Any violations in this regard should be taken for necessary disciplinary action.