Pope's College – Sawyerpuram – Thoothukudi,

National Assessment and Accreditation Council



         In pursuance of self-evaluation for development and quality assurance as per the requirement of NAAC, Pope’s college has formed the IQAC in 2009. It is an efficient cell comprises of dedicated staff members in order to share a broad range of interests and knowledge. Pope’s IQAC has furnished flawless AQAR regularly to the central office of NAAC. It relies on the background materials, numerical data, research activities and publications etc, furnished by various departments, during the course of preparation of SSR Cycle II. The IQAC works as a team to ensure quality education to the socially backward community of students strictly adhering to its vision and mission statement.

          The IQAC conducts a thorough evaluation of the academic and related practices of the college community every year as a measure of post – accredited quality sustenance activity. The focal points of evaluation made are given as follows:

  1. Effective Teaching,
  2.  Student Support Service,
  3. Assessment,
  4. Learning opportunities provided and
  5. Planning for sustained development.

                   The students form the most important and integral part of higher education and the IQAC understands this and formulates various activities focusing on overall development of the students. It coordinates activities of the staff council of the college and that of the curricular and co-curricular programs conducted in the campus. Special programs are arranged with its consent by engaging resource persons from a choice of institutions. Besides, it coordinates and makes students’ participation in development programs such as free coaching for entry in service, remedial teaching, add on courses and so on. The students are free to express their needs in the learning process.

          Moreover it understands that growing to reach the maximum potential and sowing seeds that benefit the students are the key facets to the success of a good teacher. In this context, Pope’s college provides a friendly and encouraging atmosphere to the faculty members to enhance their knowledge by taking up research projects and collaborating with other institutions and encouraging them to focus on seminars, workshops and conferences and to publish articles in reputed Journals and the home journal – SPEAR, as well.

          Besides, the IQAC conducts faculty enrichment programs by drawing experts from various fields. This is indeed felt a value added platform to hear and share ideas that benefit the entire stake holders. IQAC understands that education is a journey rather than a destination. It needs knowing the purpose and starts to work today itself. It reminds everyone the saying “yesterday is a dream; tomorrow is a vision; but today will make every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope”  Pope’s IQAC has re-dedicated itself from the Golden Jubilee of the college for the cause of quality education and holistic development.