Pope's College – Sawyerpuram – Thoothukudi,

National Assessment and Accreditation Council


National Service Scheme (NSS)

 The NSS wing is a counterpart of the Youth Welfare Department of the University. NSS in Pope’s College was introduced with only fifty men volunteers in 1962 by Prof. J. D. Ratnasingh (Professor of Economics), the first program officer. NSS Pope’s College has contributed much to the socio-economic development of the villages in its vicinity in its own way. The NSS now has four units with hundred students in each unit. The main objective of this co-curricular programme is to train the students to engage themselves in constructive social work. They work together with and among village people around Sawyerpuram. Normally, the NSS works are integrated with local welfare agencies or village panchayats in mitigating social problems.


  • Planting trees and caring the planted trees
  • Educating the uneducated
  • Conducting Awareness Rally on the themes of AIDS, Personal cleanliness, Environment Safety, Vermicomposting, Road Safety, Voting rights, Pulse Polio and many more
  • Conducting free eye camps and medical camps for the poor people in villages in and around Sawyerpuram.
  • Cultivating leadership qualities among the volunteers by discharging various duties in the college functions
  • Organising annual camp every year in nearby villages chosen as camp sites and executing short term projects in that village

Significant contributions

  • Drinking water facility made available to the people of Senthiambalam
  • Practical session for accounts operations in Banks, ATM and Post offices taught to the people of Kakkan Nagar
  • Metal- road constructed for a distance of 2 km between Sawyerpuram and Thangammalpuram
  • Electric power supply made available in the houses of two poor families in Kakkan Nagar
  • A house was constructed for a homeless orphan in Sawyerpuram





NSS Programme Officers

S.No Name
1. Mr. V. Arockia Amuthan
2. Dr. M. Dhinakaran
3. Dr. G. Sugantha
4. Dr. A. Vasanthi