Pope's College – Sawyerpuram – Thoothukudi,

National Assessment and Accreditation Council


Library Rules and Regulation

  • Students should observe strict silence in the library.
  • Places may not be reserved in the reading rooms.
  • Students must not write on, mark or otherwise deface or destroy any books, materials, equipment or furnishings of the library. Books magazines and newspapers should be handled with utmost care.
  • Closed accession system will be followed for students. Students, borrowing books are responsible for the safe keeping of books until they have been returned. Days allotted to students for issue of books are detailed as follows:
    1. B.A/B.Sc/B.Com/BBA(Boys) : Monday and Wednesday
    2. B.A/B.Sc/B.Com/BBA(Girls) : Tuesday and Thursday
    3. M.A/M.Sc/M.Com/(Boys & Girls) : Monday to Friday
    4. M.Phil/Ph.D(Scholars) : Monday to Friday Books for home reading will be issued during the following hours; · 1.05 p.m. to 1.45 p.m. · 3.50 p.m. to 4.50 p.m.
  • A student requiring a book should apply in advance by duly filling in the Requisition Slip on the day in which he/she is eligible to take out books. The Slip is available in the library at the cost of Rs.1.00/- per set of 10 slips. The book will be kept ready for him/her during the lunch interval. One book can be borrowed upon one ticket.
  • Each student will be assigned a register number in the library and this number should be entered in the Requisition Slip.
  • No student may keep a library book for more than a fortnight. The due date for return of a book will be found stamped on the date slip attached to the fly-leaf of the book.
  • A book may be re-issued again at the end of a fortnight provided there is no demand for it till then.
  • For such renewal, the book must be produced in the library.
  • On receiving a book, the student must examine the condition of the book and report to the librarian or the person in-charge at the counter, if any damage is found it otherwise, he will be held responsible for any damage that may afterwards be found.
  • All transactions shall stop at 9.50 a.m. and at 1.45 p.m. so that the students may reach their classes on time. 69
  • Books taken out by students shall on no account be lent by them to others.
  • Books in the Reference Section will not be lent for reading at home.
  • Any student who loses a library book shall be required to pay the cost of its replacement.
  • A student who fails to return a book on time shall have to pay a fine of Rs.5/- for every day the book is kept beyond the due date.
  • Any student violating any of the above rules shall be suitably punished and he/she may have to forego the privilege of using the library.
  • The library shall not be responsible for any property of students that is left unattended.
  • The College is loyal to maintain the privacy of internet browsing students. However, students should be aware that records of all usage are kept and could be made available under specific circumstances.