Pope's College – Sawyerpuram – Thoothukudi,

National Assessment and Accreditation Council




    • All students of Pope’s College are expected to behave
      responsibly at all times, to observe and abide by the Rules
      and Regulations of the College. They should note that they
      are responsible to the College for their conduct, both in and
      outside the College premises.


  • On every working day, the College begins at 9.55a.m with a
    morning worship at 9.35a.m in the College Chapel. A
    common prayer is played at 9.55a.m through College public
    address system.
  • Students must wear the uniforms provided to them on all
    days. Action will be taken on students who do not wear their
  • Eve teasing and Ragging are offensive activities as enforced
    by the Government of India. Any form of such unlawful acts
    will result in immediate dismissal. If a student feels that she
    is being teased or harassed or bullied, she should discuss the
    matter with the Head of the concerned Department, giving a
    written formal complaint.
  • Usage of Cell Phone is not permitted on campus. Any student
    seen with a cell phone(even if not being used) is liable for
    immediate disciplinary action.
  • Every student must possess his/her Identity Card, which he/
    she shall always carry with him/her around the collar.
    Attempting to use forged identity cards or identity cards of
    previous years is a punishable offence.
  • Any student who is seen smoking or chewing tobacco or
    seen drunk with alcoholic beverages of any kind in the
    campus will be dismissed.
  • Students are required to attend lecture classes and all
    laboratory activities regularly and punctually. They are
    required to fulfill a minimum attendance of 75% every
  • Students on leave due to sickness are expected to submit the
    Medical Certificate in the College Office immediately after
    they return to College.
  • Women students are not supposed to leave the campus before
    3.45p.m or without a written permission of the HOD/
  • Students are required to maintain absolute silence in class
    and can speak only when permitted by the teacher. Silence
    has to be observed even if there is no teacher in the classroom.
    Non compliance of this regulation will be penalized.
  • Students should help in maintaining cleanliness in the
    classrooms and on campus.
  • It is compulsory to attend all the internal tests and endsemester
    examinations conducted during the semester.
    Assignments and project works must be completed and
    submitted within the stipulated period.
  • In case of absence due to illness or for any other reason, a
    student shall inform in writing to the Head of the Department
    concerned, explaining the cause of absence and shall, if
    required, produce evidences.
  • Students can avail of any Freeship or Scholarship instituted
    by the Government, Management and other bodies as stated
    by eligibility. Enquiries regarding the same may be made at
    the College Office. The College Management also grants a
    number of scholarships and concessions to meritorious and
    deserving students.
  • Paper decorum and absolute silence must be maintained in
    the library as well as in the classrooms.
  • Students may not be seen to enter or exit, except through
    the main gate of the premises and also may not be seen
    loitering on the playgrounds or veranda.
  • During working hours students should not meet friends in
    other classes.
  • Before or after classes, students may not be a hindrance to
    the easy flow of pedestrian in the staircase or pathways.
  • Students both boys and girls, are not permitted to wear gold
  • Those students who holds a valid Driving License alone will
    be permitted inside the campus in Motorcycle/Car.
  • Outsiders are not allowed on the College premises.
    Trespassing will be informed to the police.
  • No political or communal organization of students may be
    formed within the College or Hostels.
  • The College will keep all the parents/guardians informed of
    issues concerning their wards’ behavior in the campus and
    their routine in College works such as academic performance
    in Internals and University Examinations, Attendance and
    so on, regularly.
  • It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to keep
    themselves appraised of their child’s/ward’s progress
    throughout the year. Further, it is obligatory that they attend
    the P.T.A meeting during the academic year.
  • Under the Evaluation Rules of the Government, the Principal
    has complete power to inflict the following punishments,
    on the basis of the recommendation of the College
    Disciplinary Action Committee; Fine, Cancellation of
    Attendance, withholding of Term Certificate, Suspension and
    Expulsion from the College.


    Remittance Of Fees
  • According to the Education Rules 86(a) and 90(a) of the
    Govt. of TamilNadu, students must remit their fees within
    ten working days from the date of reopening in each semester.
    Failing which, a fine of Rs.1/- per working day has to
    collected from the date of implementation of the fine. If the
    fee has not been paid within the end of the month, the
    candidate’s name will be removed from roll call and
    attendance will not be given to them for those defaulting
  • Students are expected to remit their fees or meet the office
    staff only during the following leisure hours; 9.30 a.m. to
    9.45 a.m.; 1 p.m. to 1.45 p.m. and 3.45 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.
  • Remitted fees will not be refunded at any cost.